The market is so diversified and choices so many that can you cannot be sure  of what properties are on offer in the market place and which option would best suit your lifestyle. The power of employing a Buyers Agent is that I will be  working as your personal agent to assist you to determine your property outcomes and then present all the options that the market has to offer.


The standard practice of purchasing property is that the Buyer conducts a search either in an local agents window or online for a specific property in a designated area.  If the property meets your expectations the agent who has listed the property  will gain a commission on the successful sale. You cannot expect that agent to show you other properties that may also meet your criteria  and have further features if he does not have those properties listed or does not have written authorisation of the owner to sell.


A Buyers Agent will spend the time to learn of all the components regarding the property you wish to purchase and match those items with his wide local knowledge to all of the properties in your search available for sale and not only the properties that one particular real estate office has listed. We have data resources that enable us to know what was the original purchase price paid  for the property and whether the asking price is realistic and consistent with other similar properties for sale in the target area.


Even though you pay a negotiated fee for this service the the true value comes home in the area of negotiation. When you try and conduct the purchase of your new property on your own behalf you unwittingly divulge  vital information to the Sellers Agent which can work against you as their sole  purpose is to get the best possible price for their  client and to effect the sale. They have no contractual duty to you as Buyers and having pledged his total allegiance to Seller who will pay them a  commission on effecting the sale for the Seller


Purchasing the right  property is a major decision and you do need independent professional advice on all the components that are involved with the purchase. Relocating for another State makes it further difficult in buying into an area of which you have no knowledge or understanding of the demographics so this is where independent local knowledge is so  important in making the correct decision.


If you have any questions whatsoever regarding this process purchasing the information is free. In America 57% of all property purchases are made with the help of Buyers Agent who can take the stress and uncertainty out of the whole process. Please don’t hesitate to call Buyers Agent Paul Lewis on 0433175070 who has 30 years experience as a fully Licensed Agent in the Gold Coast property  market.